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Kevin’s Picks of The Week (7/31/2013)

  • PICK OF THE WEEK: Beware the Creeper #5: How did I miss this series back in 2003? We’re talking classic caper comics written by Jason Hall (The Guy behind Pistolwhip and more DC Animation Tie-in comics than anyone!) and Cliff Chiang (Yeah…THAT Cliff Chiang!) set in the High Art world of 1920’s Paris, and starring a unique twist on one of my all time favorite DC characters…The Creeper!
  • Goblin Hood: Creator Bobby Timony twists the familiar world of Robin Hood and his Merry Men around a cast of loveable Monsters for a fresh fantasy tale that you can’t help but love.
  • Indestructible Hulk #11: New story arc spinning out of the events from Age of Ultron…Also sometimes you just need to SMASH S@#t! Plus Mark Waid and Matteo Scalera continue to knock it out of the park on the creative end of this book.
  • High Crimes #4: This comic continues to do a lot of things right in a short amount of pages. Looking for a little intrigue outside the capes and tights crowd this week? Check out High Crimes. They also have a great tumblr ;)  

Kevin tweets, tumbles, and gives the occasional thumbs up across comiXology’s social media platforms. He is currently still a little miffed he didn’t know about Beware The Creeper until a few weeks ago.


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    Kevin’s Picks of The Week (7/31/2013) PICK OF THE WEEK: Beware the Creeper #5: How did I miss this series back in 2003?...
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    Fun fact, the pitch document for BEWARE THE CREEPER was my first template on how to write an effective pitch for comics,...
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